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At peace

We forget

We are



1-Born of hell

Living blank

To the destruction

In our wake


2-Driven by hunger

Consumed by greed

Devouring uncontained


3-Insensitive to progeny

Abandoning by birth

Inconvenient responsibility


4-Angered by our own hand

Feeding always on self

And consumed in darkness


5-Injured and weary

A biography of mayhem

Gives pause to reflection


6-Motivated by preservation

But aware of consequences

Existence is considered


7-Gliding with

As not striding against

Seeing the benefit to all


8-Power left alone

Error understood

Potential is opened


9-Fires of destruction

Warming hearths and minds

Connecting as providing


10-Until awakened

Unto ourselves as true

We forget the dragon

Sleeps within us